Join the 2017 Lynn Erickson & Lois Lanning Concept Based Certification Institute with Rachel French!

Rachel French, Director of Professional Learning International did an outstanding job of organizing, hosting, and co-presenting the 2016 Lynn Erickson and Lois Lanning Concept-based Certification Institute in Weisbaden, Germany. It was a tremendous success with 32 participants from around the world. The much anticipated 2017 Institute will be held from July 1-8th in Haarlem, the Netherlands at the Carlton Square Hotel.  We are thrilled to be able to continue the highly successful and valued institutes for international audiences.

Dr. Lois Lanning, my long-time colleague and friend, who has developed Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction for process-driven subjects, such as English language arts, the world languages, and the arts, will also be a part of this cutting edge institute. We invite you to consider this amazing opportunity to learn how to design curriculum and instruction using a three-dimensional model that ensures the ability to transfer concepts and ideas through time, across cultures and across situations. In a complex world with a burgeoning knowledge base it is essential to understand how knowledge and process are structured—and how the factual and skill base relate to the conceptual structures of all disciplines.

The week-long opportunity is called The Lynn Erickson and Lois Lanning Concept-based Certification Institute with Rachel French. Rachel has demonstrated outstanding organizational ability and will  again ensure that the institute  meets the highest standards for logistics and presentation. She will also be an integral part of our team of seven institute leaders/presenters, including Jennifer Chang Wathall, author of the cutting edge book on Concept-based Mathematics for Secondary School teachers. The Institute will be the same format as last year,  with the goal of certifying educators to be trainers of Concept-based Curriculum and Instruction.

Please go to the Professional Learning International website to find out about the exciting Concept-based Certification Institute to be held in Haarlem, the Netherlands,  July 1-8, 2017, and share the opportunity with your colleagues. Dr. Lanning, Rachel French and I hope to see you there!

WATCH FOR  THE NEW BOOK BY H. LYNN ERICKSON,  LOIS A. LANNING, AND RACHEL FRENCH TO BE PUBLISHED FEBRUARY, 2017: “CONCEPT-BASED CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION: TEACHING BEYOND THE FACTS” (2ND EDITION). This is the 2nd edition of Lynn Erickson’s best-selling book and is fully updated with many support materials for classroom teachers. Pre-orders can be made at the Corwin Press website.

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